Aluminium Casting

What is aluminium casting

Initial understanding of what aluminum is along with its properties paves to better understanding of the prevalent use of cast aluminum products in different industries.

Note that there are other metal varieties available for casting process; however, one of the most commonly cast metals is aluminum. It is also said that solid cast aluminum is rare. Most often aluminum casting is in combination with other metals such alloy which is said to be the commonest metal utilized and copper as well can be cast together with aluminum. However, solid aluminum casting process is done only when corrosive proof characteristic and maneuverability is more importantly taken into account than durability and hard quality.

Physical Properties of Aluminum

Its corrosive resistance quality owes to its less dense weight and the process of passiveness which is spontaneity in forming hard unreactive surficial films that can inhibit further corrosion, usually done in aluminum-alloy casting.

It is durability guaranteed, light weight, ductility and malleability endowed.

Aluminum is non-magnetic and not flames sensitive.

It is said to have 1/3rd of the compactness and stiff character of steels, where such feature allows easy cast aluminum process and extrusion as well.
It’s capable of retaining its physical silver reflection in powder formation serving as a valued feature in paints of silvery color. Aluminum mirror-finished paint is said to be one of the metals with the most reflective feature.

It is of outstanding thermo-electrical capacity and electric conductivity which is approximately of fifty-nine percentage that of metal both in the aspects of thermo-electric conductivity, thus, making aluminum a super conductor.

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