WhyRoute. Redundant, Secure and easy setup with support

As we go deeper into the year 2018, we should be asking ourselves, is our technology up to date and why not develop ahead of times? Could anything be done to make it more efficient and secure? Introducing WhyRoute the all in one router. Daniel Lamb an IT specialist with over 20+ years in the industry saw a gap in the market and demand for a product which is why he decided to create the concept and began to produce a prototype for the WhyRoute all in one router.

In today’s tech startup generation where we see an influx of new technology concepts and crowdfunded products hitting the market at a faster rate than ever. Some of which are doomed to fail as they are not meeting a demand in the market rather creating a product which already exists in one form or another in an overly saturated market. it is important that there are entrepreneurs still looking towards a more efficient future and investing their time and money into creating a new product in the technology market which fills an increasingly apparent gap in the market. This is exactly what technology entrepreneur Daniel Lamb has been working on by creating the prototype of a product which revolutionises the way we think about our internet access and routing. These prototype models have been running efficiently for several years in various environments and technology entrepreneur Daniel Lamb now feels confident enough to bring the product to the crowdfunding market after extensive research and practical tests in the field.

The WhyRoute product provides an all in one router, single independent hardware within one machine and contains many exclusive features such as • Multi-WAN Load Balancing , Independent Hardware, One Machine ,VPN – SSL,IPSec, PPTP, WhyRoute, Vyper,Online Privacy ,Parental Controls, Web Filtering, Guides available for all uses, Stateful Firewall, Fast updates, Backup to Cloud, Traffic Shaper, Captive Portal Truly Redundant: Independent Power Supplies, mainboard, internet connection, High Availability & Hardware Failover Free software support and maintenance for a year with crowdfunding campaigns config pledge. The routers security is based on linux and hardened, it Includes Tor networking, Mail and Web filters and Intrusion Detection. The router uses user friendly connectivity such as VPN (in and out), DHCP, NAT, Ethernet WAN, DNS. Features you would expect in more expensive models but never packed together so well. Support is only a click away and will allow you to enjoy features only geeks dream of.

The WhyRoute all in one router product is currently in it’s prototype state which has proven itself to work efficiently. The prototype model will continue to be improved upon until the unit is ready to be marketed. Market research will prove the demand for the unit and any subsequent risk to further investment to get the unit to point of sale and released to all pledgers and made available to the public.

The goal of WhyRoute is to make life so much easier for customers by replacing their current router setup with a much more efficient, safe and easy to use all in one router system which will revolutionize the way both homes and business connect to the internet and how they utilize the services available to them.

The official WhyRoute Crowdfunding Campaign is now currently live and taking donations with the opportunity for investors to gain perks such as exclusive WhyRoute Campaign merchandise and early access to the product plus setup and configuration.

The WhyRoute product range is also available to purchase via the official website along with further details on the product, in depth analytics and full customer support for potential investors and pledgers.






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A Cultura da Má Alimentação

Infelizmente a má alimentação do brasileiro é algo cultural e é passada entre gerações. A utilização de farináceos e açúcares para preparo dos alimentos é um dos principais erros que levam ao ganho de peso e dificulta o processo de emagrecer ou então de perder barriga.

Açúcares e farinhas são os principais vilões de quem quer emagrecer ou então busca uma vida saudável e eu explico o motivo disso. Esses tipos de alimentos possuem alto índice de carga glicêmica, ou seja, assim que são ingeridos são rapidamente absorvidos e caem na corrente sanguínea elevando assim a taxa de glicose presente no sangue.

Esse aumento rápido de glicose na circulação sanguínea faz com que grandes doses de insulina sejam também liberadas. A insulina facilita a entrada da glicose nas células. Porém, quando é liberada em grande quantidade e o organismo percebe que já tem a dose necessária de glicose para bom funcionamento, ele estoca toda essa glicose em forma de gordura para ser utilizada posteriormente.

Essa gordura armazenada fica nos lugares mais indesejados do corpo, como abdome, culote, coxas e braços. Por isso o consumo excessivo de açúcares e farinhas deve ser evitado.

Só de evitar esses alimentos você terá grandes resultados. Entretanto, para potencializar a queima de gordura é preciso adotar a alimentação estratégica. Eu ensino de forma simplescomo fazer para emagrecer de verdade. Tudo de forma 100% natural e comprovada pela boa ciência. Para descobrir acesse o Treinamento online clicando aqui.

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Understand about trends of evening crystal clutch bag needs

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Clutches come in diverse dimensions, yet they are smaller compared to the majority of other evening clutch bags. The clutch comes in lovely colors which will match you attire. All females have this practice of lugging unneeded points. Check your bag currently of things females lug at all times, more than half are never ever made use of. The clutch keeps you to your bare basics minimizing the carrying of stuff that isn’t really purely needed. Some women maintain a clutch inside their day bag, with simply the bare essentials in it a bit of cash, a bank card, and also a lip balm. When they require to tip out of the workplace for a fast bite or to run a task, they don’t require carrying around their substantial day bag they could just take out the clutch and go. Clutches typically have wrist lets or a strap, which enables you to lug them in a different style, strung over your shoulders or used around your wrist. This adds selection to your outfit.

There could be different explanations behind spending on your preferred for http://www.crystalbyfgg.com. You may have recently had a craving for spending too much on a perfect crystal clutch you have generally ached for. Or on the other hand, there could be an event or an occasion you wish to go to. On the other hand, you may get it as a Christmas present for yourself or somebody dear to you. The reason would be a key determinant for the decision. For instance, on the off chance that you host a night gathering as a main priority, a sparkling variation ought to do fine and dandy. On the off chance that it is a general buy, ensure you purchase something that you are probably going to utilize all the more frequently. On the off chance that it is a present for somebody, you have to take the tasteful inclinations of the beneficiary into thought.

Women’s crystal heels shoes at affordable price

High crystal high heels footwear are the best means to finish any kind of outfit, as well as make you really feel as well as look amazing each and also every day. High crystal high heels shoes extend the body, giving the appearance of an extra slim framework, whilst including inches to your height. At the minute, there are lots of high crystal high heels shoes trends to select from, providing for all needs and needs. One of these is the platform wedge footwear. System wedge shoes additionally go well with the popular maxi dress, so can quickly be used for an evening out or on vacation. Shoe on there are an additional preferred fad which can match a range of occasions. They could be located stylishly with a beefy heel, or narrower if this is what you choose. Flat form high crystal high heels footwear are a new pattern on the marketplace, which are a mix of the wedge footwear and flats, providing the height without the pitch, making them a much more comfy option.
These types will certainly look fantastic when used with a pair of http://www.charlieshoes.com/16-crystal-heels, for even more unique occasions. Another popular fad in high crystal high heels shoes presently is the clog. Blockages have been forgotten for a long time, however have actually been reestablished in much more attractive layouts, making them among the crucial designs in footwear this season. Obstructions have been seen just recently on the foot way by many developers and usually can be found in the type of a wood sole, with a mix of materials. The popularity of the obstruction footwear looks readied to rise over the oncoming months.If you are seeking crystal heels shoes for that special night out, after that crystal shoes need to be top of your checklist this period. crystal heels are feminine and also attractive, and also will certainly look great with your favorite gown or skirt, for a party or when out at a club. Seen just recently by designers such as Christian Dior, the crystal shoe could be discovered with different materials such as shoelaces and also textiles.

how to get free robux

The official way is: Robux is the first currency for Roblox. There square measure many other ways Robux may be attained or purchased: Members of the Builders Club receive a daily Robux regular payment. Builders Club members can also sell shirts, pants and place access and receive seventieth of the profit. You can purchase Robux on the Robux page. Both Builders Club and Non Builders Club members will sell game passes for Robux. Non-BC members can get 100 percent of the profit whereas BC members can get seventieth of the profit. Both Builders Club and Non Builders Club members will participate within the Affiliate Program.


how to get free robux