Initiate Brand Awareness

To start with, regardless of whether you are another startup or existing business, you need to introduce your product to the crowd and make them aware of the business you are in.

Awareness is the first stage of the marketing sales funnel. Potential clients are drawn into this phase through showcasing efforts, customer research, and disclosures. Trust and thought authority is built up with occasions, publicizing, expos, content through infographics or website blog posts (curate fully optimized blog posts with the right set of keywords so that you can hook up customers directly from search engines), webinars, trade shows, email marketing (done to educate your targeted customers on how they can make selections and achieve their goals), viral campaigns, and social platforms.

Here, lead generation happens, as primary data is gathered and leads are driven by a lead management system to generate interest towards your product or services for sustaining further down the marketing funnel.



What Are the Main Advantages of the Stokke Xplory?

A person may easily adapt the elevation of the seat, thus bringing your kid closer to you and away from the ground and dust. Thanks to the elevation, you can also use the stroller as a high chair and therefore making occasions like dining out or meeting friends more comfortable for your child as well.

Other important advantages that come with the adjustable height are the more panoramic view that the baby has and also the optimized eye contact with the parents, who will not have to bend over;

The seats also five reclining jobs that you can change as your child, develops so you can certainly match your baby’s needs; it can be faced in two opposite ways – when your baby is small, it will be more comfortable for him to see you when you go for a walk, but later on, he will want to manage forward and explore the environment or look at passers-by;

It truly is lightweight, being made of aluminum, but also tough and strong thanks to the automobile-grade polymer; why? Because your baby needs to be protected all the time!

It is known that a baby has sensitive skin, so this Stokke Stroller uses textiles which may have one factor SPF50 protection factor against harmful UVA and UVB rays;

The 2-wheel mode allows you to handle the stroller easier on the street and carry it down and up the stairs, so that it is a real urban stroller.


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Magento 2 landing page creator

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Magento 2 landing page creator

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Study: Cause-driven Gen Zers expect a lot

Dive Brief:

  • Gen Z is the first generation fully comfortable online and offline with a demonstrated ability to simultaneously utilize digital, physical and hybrid tools, according to a report by business intelligence platform PSFK. The report surveyed more than 500 Gen Zers and millennials to uncover the differences in the generations’ values, priorities and behaviors.
  • The survey also shows that Gen Z is a driving force in the pending shift in tech use, especially compared to millennials, who are 15% more likely than Gen Zers to use desktops and laptops for online activity. More than one-third of Gen Z respondents said they’re always online via their smartphones, and 60% believe online friendships are just as powerful as real-life relationships.
  • Brands have a learning curve ahead of them in understanding Gen Z and how the generation characterizes its identity, community and goals. Overall, Gen Z has a strong sense of purpose and feels connected to important causes, and 69% think brands should help them achieve their goals. Thirty percent have felt excluded by brands because of their identities.


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Localisation of content

The final trend identified by participants is that the balance between global and local content production is shifting.

Attendees said that, previously, content was typically created at the global headquarters and delivered to local offices for translation and media placement.  Now, there is a growing realisation by global brands that simply translating content pieces does not work.

As one marketer put it, ‘content originating at the European HQ doesn’t resonate in South-East Asia’.

So instead of translating, local offices are now ‘trans-creating’ content.  What this means is that local offices are given content elements (images, headlines, etc.) and the strategy and the local office now uses the media assets to create their own content.

Not only does this produce content which is more suitable for local markets, but trans-creation also lets the local office create content specifically for local segments, which often differ from global segments.

Most attendees agreed that there is still tension between global and local offices, but that the trend for 2018 is to produce more content locally.