Cats Make The Best Pets

Below are some of the few points which prove that cats can be the best pets.

  • Cats are independent, so they can be left at home with their food and they will easily live by themselves.
  • They can be hilarious at times, providing you with the benefit of having a full time entertainer for free at home. They can spend hours chasing their own tails, they can get scared from their own image in the mirror, or they can adopt some strange positions to relax.
  • Cats do not disturb everyone by meowing loudly. Cats never meow loud enough to annoy people around them.
  • They are essentially self-cleaning. You will often find your cat in a corner grooming itself. They lick their whole bodies to maintain their cleanliness. Cat owners do not have to worry about daily bathing. However, owners may be required to brush their cats’ hair.
  • Cats can be potty trained. And once their training is complete they will never be mess creators in the house. They can be trained to excrete in their litter boxes or even in actual toilets.
  • It was found in a research that owning a cat can help in reducing the risk of heart diseases. Nearly 4500 adults owning cats were found out to have 40% decrease in heart diseases than those who do not own cats. Even those who owned cats in the past were less likely to have fatal heart diseases.
  • Another study found out that cats help children who are suffering from autism. During a social interaction among pets and autistic children it was observed that those children whose condition dramatically improved later on were largely found to be cat owners.

cat peeing on clothes and bed

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