Indian Republic Day

Today is 26th January and in India we celebrate it as our ‘National Republic Day’. Yes it was this day on your own, long further going on in 1950, also the Constitution of India(the largest in the world) came into force. The constitution of India was drafted by a drafting committee taking into account Dr. B.R. Ambedkar as their Chairman.

Normal Ritual

On this daylight, we have a ritual of having parade in the capital of India, New Delhi called the ‘Republic Day Parade’ marched by each of the impression showing their strengths and celebrating the Indianness in them. The parade is watched by the president of India and is carried out at the ‘Raj Path’.

The President, as well as, pays homage to all the martyrs before in the hours of daylight by laying a ‘floral wreath’ at the ‘Amar Jawaan Jyoti’ at India Gate. Along later it, kids are chosen for being courageous throughout the country to be final the ‘National Bravery Award’ regarding this hours of daylight.

The National Republic Parade

The President of India hosts the National Flag and a 21-gun salute is reach to the National Flag. Then the accrue country stands and sings the ‘National Anthem’ in Harmony.

The Parade later takes off once the floats that celebrates the culture and festivities of various states and their capitals. At the united less of the Parade, the best State that performed around the grand parade is chosen. The parade is widely covered by media and an extensive commentary of it is witnessed by when again a billion people in India via television and radio. Each display brings out the diversity and the proficiently-to-be sprightly culture that has spanned throughout the country and the factors that binds the swing states into one country.

Voluntarily, the parade plus includes most vigorous and breath-taking displays and floats consequently traditionally ending later than a flypast that shows the courage of Indian Air Force jets.

Chief Guest

On this day, India invites some the biggest and most respectable personality from the world to be the ‘Chief Guest’ and witness the effective fighting. The chief is granted in this area the economic, political and strategic interests. This years chief guest is ‘Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono’, the President of Indonesia.


Today, the Republic Day in India is much-admired later much eagerness throughout the country. This hours of morning surely reminds us the sacrifices made not without help by the martyrs but in addition to by their intimates and their key roles to make this country what it is today.

Happy republic day 2019



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