Yamaha 50th anniversary jacket

Complete body protection. Protection for shoulders, elbows and back.

The jacket is Anti-Pilling,Anti-Shrink,Anti-Wrinkle,Breathable and Windproof.

The materials used are Cotton, Acetate and Acrylic.

Sizes available: M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL.
Colors available: White and Yellow.
• M – shoulder width 50 cm, chest 112 cm, length 65 cm, sleeve length 62 cm.
• L – shoulder breadth 52 cm, chest 114 cm, length 67 cm, sleeve length 64 cm.
• XL – 54 cm shoulder width, bust 118 cm, length 69 cm, sleeve length 66 cm.
• XXL – 56 cm shoulder width, bust 122 cm, length 71 cm, sleeve length 68 cm.
• XXXL – 57 cm shoulder width, bust 125 cm, length 72 cm, sleeve length 69 cm

Yamaha 50th anniversary jacket

Chronobank Makes Time For Estonia’s Crypto Effort

As Estonia rolls out the public-private program to launch its cryptocurrency and fund its ambitious blockchain program via a Token Generation Event (TGE), Chronobank joins as a partner and advisor, helping the Baltic state to tokenize its labor relations.

Helmed by Sergey Sergienko, Chronobank has two key roles in Estonia’s new crypto-economy. First, Sergienko, Chronobank’s CEO, is now a part of board of directors of TokenEST OU’s, the commercial and operations arm of the newly created Estonian government agency that will run all the country’s crypto-initiatives.

Second, Chronobank’s business unit Labor X, a platform where employers can list jobs and job seekers can find employment using Chronobank’s TIME token, is now an official partner of Estonia, paving the way for collaboration between TIME holders and Estonian national token.

“All of us at Chronobank are jazzed to be a part of a new wave of labor laws, regulations and relations,” said Sergienko. “Our mission is to empower the laborers to take control of their earnings and to be able to sell their work hours in the most efficient manner. We are thrilled that the government of Estonia shares the same philosophy when it comes to monetizing labor relations by using blockchain.”

Besides Sergienko, other members of TokenEST UO board include other prominent Estonian politicians, blockchain visionaries and business leaders such as Aaron Levi Yahalom, Denis Tsyro, Hanon Barabaner and Mihhail Korb.


Bitcoin beware

The major growth in overall market cap has largely been spurred on by recent rises in altcoins. The demand for Bitcoin (BTC) has been waning recently, moving prices lower in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

Bitcoin dropped as low as $11,833 on December 22. The leading cryptocurrency rallied back upjust a day later, but was followed by a week of volatility.

Yesterday, however, the coin got a boost after news that Peter Thiel’s San Francisco-based venture capital firm had made substantial investments in the leading cryptocurrency, propelling prices back up over the $15,000 mark.

Overall dominance of Bitcoin among all cryptocurrencies has decreased to all time lows, reaching 34.97 percent on Tuesday.



Forex trading platform

We are a state of the art trading platform designed to provide access to opportunities beyond the conventional boundaries of the global financial market. Our platform has been structured through refined software engineering and the latest technology to provide the finest financial trading experience for our clients and partners.

This remarkable platform has been designed based on the vast experience of our very own senior traders with the support from dedicated information technology experts. We are committed to providing each of our clients the unique benefits of matching prices plus liquidity with unparalleled trading experience. Gain direct access and connectivity to an ECN (Electronic Communications Network) and spread-betting network.

At FINTECHFX we are committed to maintaining a sustainable and long-term relationship with all our clients. Now try us and experience the difference!

Forex trading platform

Pinjaman Koperasi

Pinjaman Koperasi dari PinjamanKoperasi.net merupakan wakil pemasaran yang terdiri daripada melebihi 10 buah koperasi dan bank tempatan. Pinjaman Peribadi atau Koperasi khas untuk semua Kakitangan Kerajaan, badan berkanun, syarikat-syarikat yang ada potongan Biro Perkhidmatan Angkasa (BPA) ataupun Government Linked Company (GLC) seperti TNB, TM, Universiti, MAB (Malaysia Airport Berhad), SYABAS,Risda, PUAS, Puncak Niaga, dan lain-lain walaupun untuk yang mengalami masalah Komitmen Luar, CCRIS, CTOS atau Blacklist dari bank tempatan. Contoh Pinjaman MBSB. Max kadar tetap 4.50%. Tempoh pinjaman, minimum 1 tahun dan maximum 10 tahun. Contoh: RM2000 + 3.40% =RM2068 / 1 tahun.

Maka, kami dapat memberi nasihat khidmat kewangan dengan pelbagai pilihan pakej Pinjaman Peribadi dan Koperasi yang sesuai bagi kelulusan dengan bandingan kadar Pinjaman yang terendah. Semak kelayakan anda sekarang! Hubungi 019 988 2331.


WhyRoute and WhyRoute2. Redundant, Secure and easy setup.

I have worked in IT for 20+ years now and having recognised the need for a better router to supply services for businesses, I developed the WhyRoute2. This proved to be a very effective and reliable router so I went on to develop WhyRoute which is ideal for home use. This offers all the features of WhyRoute2 without redundancy, using proven technology, our prototypes have now been running successfully for several years in various environments.


They have the following features:

• Multi-WAN Load Balancing

• Independant Hardware, One Machine

• VPN – SSL,IPSec, PPTP, WhyRoute, Vyper

• Online Privacy

• Parental Controls

• Web Filtering

• Guides available for all uses

• Stateful Firewall

• Fast updates

• Backup to Cloud

• Traffic Shaper

• Captive Portal Truly Redundant: Independent Power Supply, mainboard, internet connection, High Availability & Hardware Failover.

• Free software support and maintenance for a year with config option and without

Truly Redundant: Independent Power Supply, mainboard, internet connection, High Availability & Hardware Failover.

Security: Based on linux and hardened. Includes Tor networking, Mail and Web filters, Intrusion Detection.

Connectivity: VPN (in and out), DHCP, NAT, Ethernet WAN, DNS.

See more on www.whyroute.com




How to choose the best Slatwall for your needs.

Deciding on the perfect Slatwall types, designs and features, for your business or personal use may be confusing as there are numerous vendors selling various types, configurations, designs, materials and finishes. Here we take up Slatwalls, specifically slatwall displays from the basics and help you break down the available options to aid you in making an informed decision so you can rest assured that you are purchasing exactly what you need.


Step One: Fully Clean Away The Urine Smell

It is imperative you fully clean away the urine smell in your quest to stopping your cat from peeing. You may notice your cat pees in the same spot on the carpet each time, and this is because it smells like them. Cats have a habit of peeing in areas or on objects which smell like them or like another cat’s urine.

Utilize these steps to ensure the urine smell is fully gone:

  1. Blot the urine immediately with a damp rag or paper towel
  2. Sprinkle a small amount of baking soda on the area, and allow it to dry overnight
  3. In the morning, vacuum up the now dry baking soda
  4. Spray the area with a mixture of one part distilled white vinegar to two parts of water
  5. Allow the area to air dry

You may need to repeat the steps above up to three times to get rid of the smell fully, as cat urine possesses a very strong odor.

how to stop your cat from peeing on the carpet

If, after repeating the above steps, the urine smell is still not gone, or if staining has occurred, it may be necessary to replace your carpet. If you need to replace the carpet, ensure the padding underneath is also replaced. The padding is what is often actually holding the smell, especially if urine has been allowed to sit for any extended amount of time.

how to stop cat from peeing on carpet