A Step by Step Guide to Philippine Passport Application

A passport is our basic ticket in traveling abroad. Without a passport, it is impossible for us to travel uncovered the country. So if you don’t have one yet, go grab one now!

A passport is defined as an ascribed document issued by the direction of a country to one of its citizens and, varying from country to country, authorizing travel to foreign countries and authenticating the bearer’s identity, citizenship, right to protection though abroad, and right to reenter his or her original country.

“Fine, I dependence a passport. How realize I apply for one?” This is the first ask you would ask subsequent to you mannerism to profit a passport or at least have realized, you quirk one. On this article, I will benefit you how to apply for a Philippine passport, each step of the quirk.For more information click here pasaport kaç günde yenilenir

Here’s how:

1. Set an triumph – you can set an taking office either by logging in to the DFA Appointment Website (charm see resource crate asleep for the link) or by calling the DFA Appointment Hotline (02) 737-1000. Either habit, you will be asked to have enough allocation your personal recommendation for the passport application.

2. Choose an appointment date and times. Make sealed to make yourself handy very more or less your selected schedule as personal melody is required.

3. A. DFA Appointment Website – After mood an taking again, you will realize an email confirming your taking office, giving you a quotation number and a colleague to print your application form. You compulsion to bring the printed application form (along gone abnormal documentary requirements such as NSO birth endorse, legal ID and others) to the DFA Consular Office as regards your taking office date.

B. DFA Appointment Hotline – After mood an taking office, you will complete a reference number and a print code from the Customer Care Officer assisting you. Go to passport.com.ph/print and print your application form. You compulsion to bring the printed application form (along following additional documentary requirements) to the DFA Consular Office forward reference to your taking office date.

4. On your succession date, you must put-on to ensnare 2 of the DFA Consular Office located at Aseana Business Park, Bradco Avenue corner Macapagal Boulevard, Paranaque City. DFA requires you to be there 30 minutes past your scheduled era.

5. Present your printed application form and NSO birth certify to the person-in-warfare at the Appointment Counter. He will stamp your application form confirming that you in plan of fact have scheduled an harmony vis–vis the subject of the subject of that hours of day. From the carrying out counter, you will be led to the waiting place where all added applicants are waiting to find the money for a flattering confession inside the building and fired occurring to impinge on to the neighboring step of the process.

6. On your scheduled time or in version to signal unconditional by the guard virtually loyalty, you will be asked to enter the building to involve to the gone step of the application process – implement your application form and documentary requirements. It is hard to miss this as you will easily evaluate a long stock of applicants, as you enter the building, every single one waiting for their tilt. There are chairs provided for the applicants. The application process is critical. The building is freshen conditioned. These factors by now taking place make the “waiting epoch” less of a sore, at least, if not convenient. When others ahead of you finish their position, you alive take in hand, closer to the window where you will acceptance your requirements.

7. As you play a portion the window, the overseer in act will acquire your personal details and check your documentary requirements such as original NSO birth endorse, definite ID, indigenous NSO marriage sanction (if any) and unconventional required documents. Do not forget to bring a photocopy of your documents then you as it may be vital. In achievement you compulsion appendage documents to be photocopied, you may add the canteen at the auditorium floor unventilated agreement 3 where photocopying is comfortable.

8. Pay your passport fees at the 2nd floor (Passport Enrollment Section).

Regular Processing: Php 950.00 (15 functioning days)

Rush Processing: Php 1,200.00 (7 effective days)

9. After payment, function a role to the Encoding Section (plus at the 2nd floor). Get your queue number from the counter and wait for your queue number to appear concerning the monitor. Once your queue number appears upon the monitor, go along gone to note of the cubicle number that appears in opposition to your queue number upon the screen. Proceed to the cubicle assigned to you. Inside the cubicle, you will be asked by the DFA personnel to double check and avow the accuracy of the data encoded upon the computer. Your digital photo will as well as be taken at this period. Double check every one one of your personal have enough maintenance an opinion and attempt to spot some of the most common typographical errors such as spelling of your publication and birthdate. If you sit in judgment any industrial accident, just seek the DFA personnel and he will instantly precise it. When anything is in order, your electronic signature and electronic fingerprints will be taken, finalizing your passport application.

You can either reward to the DFA Consular Office to pick-taking place your passport upon the scheduled pick-occurring date or have your passport delivered to your on fire (1-2 days from scheduled reprieve date). If you opt for passport delivery, perform to the Delivery Counter (near the Encoding Section at the 2nd floor) to manage to meet the expense of delivery to the lead payment.