What Are the Main Advantages of the Stokke Xplory?

A person may easily adapt the elevation of the seat, thus bringing your kid closer to you and away from the ground and dust. Thanks to the elevation, you can also use the stroller as a high chair and therefore making occasions like dining out or meeting friends more comfortable for your child as well.

Other important advantages that come with the adjustable height are the more panoramic view that the baby has and also the optimized eye contact with the parents, who will not have to bend over;

The seats also five reclining jobs that you can change as your child, develops so you can certainly match your baby’s needs; it can be faced in two opposite ways – when your baby is small, it will be more comfortable for him to see you when you go for a walk, but later on, he will want to manage forward and explore the environment or look at passers-by;

It truly is lightweight, being made of aluminum, but also tough and strong thanks to the automobile-grade polymer; why? Because your baby needs to be protected all the time!

It is known that a baby has sensitive skin, so this Stokke Stroller uses textiles which may have one factor SPF50 protection factor against harmful UVA and UVB rays;

The 2-wheel mode allows you to handle the stroller easier on the street and carry it down and up the stairs, so that it is a real urban stroller.


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